Friday, April 28, 2017

Finland] is The Safest Destination Globally - World Economic Forum Travel & Tour Tourism Competitiveness Index

Still looking for some summer travel inspiration?   You should put Finland on your list while the booking is good. The World Economic Forum releases the Travel & Tour Tourism Competitiveness Index, which is an in-depth analysis of tourism in countries around the world. One of its most important rankings is the safety of the countries, and Finland has topped the list this year. 

"[Finland] remains the safest destination globally, despite rising concerns in most [of] Europe, including Finland, regarding terrorism," the report reads.

The report collected data from a total of 136 countries, looking specifically at "sustainable development of the travel and tourism sector, which in turn, contributes to the development and competitiveness of a country." With terrorism woes on the rise around the globe, it’s nice to know this destination that poses little-to-no threat.

What's more, Finland has a lot to offer travelers who land on its shores. 
For instance, not long ago, its national airline, FinnAir, made it easy to book a stopover in the country for travelers flying to a variety of destinations in Europe and Asia. Travelers can spend the day in Helsinki or go farther afield to the Lapland or on a Northern Lights journey. 
In fact, for those who are looking to chase the Northern Lights, it’s not just a winter thing in Finland: The lights are viewable on more than 200 nights per year in the country.

Other reasons to visit Finland: 39 stunning national parks, designers such as Marimekko, a “wild” food culture, clean air, warm locals, a calendar chock full of events and more.

If you aren’t sold yet, let the country’s sauna culture further woo you with the promise of ultimate relaxation.

Take, for example, the newly renovated Allas Sea Pool, which just rejoined the Finnish sauna scene. Without even leaving the capital city of Helsinki, guests are immersed in this Finnish tradition. The complex combines swimming, sauna, urban culture and tradition while revitalizing the sauna ritual year-round for visitors and locals alike. Read more...

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