Friday, December 9, 2016

Travel Smarter And Save Big On New Year's Eve Hotels

If you don’t mind traveling a little for the big night, you can save a healthy sum of money by staying in alternative locations for New Year’s Eve.

That Manhattan bash you’re planning to ring in 2017 will cost you dearly in the bank account department, but it doesn’t exactly have to be that way — according to findings from Hipmunk’s Kelly Soderlund who spotted cheap alternative cities to stay this New Year’s Eve.

The concept is simple, consider digs about 30 minutes away from the center of the party and you can save a great deal, which will just go into creating a fiscally fantastic 2017.

Soderlund explains: “For instance, the median price of a Las Vegas hotel is $205, but stay close by in North Las Vegas and you can stash $100 to spend later at the blackjack table. Similarly, the median price for a New Year’s stay in Miami will set revelers back $312; Miami Springs, about a 20-minute drive from Miami proper, is $175 less pricey.”

The article is filled with examples of hot destinations that already warrant your consideration for New Year’s Eve revelry, such as Manhattan, Chicago, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

Recently, we discovered the many cities that offer a great celebration broken down into a nice little ranking thanks to WalletHub. In this case, we get some idea of how to enjoy those iconic party cities without dropping the year’s supply of disposable income.

Hipmunk looked back to last year for its prices, but it gives a semblance of how you might game the system and enjoy the greatest night of the year on relative savings.

For example, you might drop up to $714 if you want the warmth of a Santa Monica night, but take an Uber and stay in West Hollywood instead. You can enjoy a savings of about 62 percent on the hotel.

The rest of the country boasts similar deals. Forego Atlantic City for Ocean City, and you save 72 percent – representing the greatest savings along with those who choose Winter Park, Colorado, for Breckenridge.

Sure, you will have to maneuver the way with taxis, Uber or public transportation, but you will be running on the adrenaline that comes with the promise of a new year anyway. Bookk online here OOHOTELS Travel Now

Friday, December 2, 2016

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - Magical Arabian City

Abu Dhabi, rich with Islamic culture, demonstrates the true meaning of a magical Arabian city. Its exquisite architecture, turquoise waters, and timeless desert will leave you with an image strait out of a picture perfect dream. Here you can get much needed relaxation at one of its sandy beaches or take a ride on a camel in the vast desert. The picturesque attractions and the futuristic appeal of the tall mirrored buildings also contribute to the unique ambiance and adventures that Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates has to offer.
Abu Dhabi is inhabited by approximately 600,000 people. It is the located in the United Arab Emirates and it is considered to be one of the richest cities. This is because most of the city’s revenue comes from Abu Dhabi being a great oil supplier to many countries all over the world. It is not hard to grasp the culture of the city since many of the architecture and the infrastructure display the Arabian traditions proudly. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a perfect example of how the city celebrates its culture. The mosque is considered to be one of the most beautiful and most sacred buildings in the world. With the largest carpet, gold chandeliers, and marble imported from countries like Greece and Italy, its appearance demonstrates the natural yet elegant style of the city.
Whether gazing at the exotic animals at the Al Ain Zoo or shopping until you drop at one of the luxurious malls, there are a wide range of activities and attractions. At the Arabian Wild Life Park tourists can get close and personal with a hyena or a wild Arabian Oryx. You can also rent a vehicle and venture on an excursion in the desert. Belly dancing or cabaret is a unique yet exhilarating part of the nightlife. Nightclubs have sizzling dance floors and they acknowledge their multicultural audiences by showcasing themes and by playing different genres of music. There is even the local jazz club or piano bar that presents a more serene and soothing atmosphere.
The dining experience in Abu Dhabi is known to be extraordinary. Whether it’s Arabic, Persian, Thai, Indian, or Lebanese, the cuisine of the city is a pleasurable experience for all food critics. The restaurant Ushna offers a variety of international dishes, if you are lucky you may be seated facing the picturesque Grand Mosque. For a taste of Emeriti cuisine, Al Arish is popular amongst tourist and prides itself for being one of the few restaurants with its enticing menu of Arabian delicacies like Arabic coffee and sharwarma. For a unique dining adventure, Al Dhafra offers dinning while sailing the tranquil, blue waters of Abu Dhabi. Its diversity of foods will leave you speechless and your gastronomical needs will truly be satisfied.
Abu Dhabi International Airport is 18 miles from the city and it provides international flights to many major cities. Buses are available to get around Abu Dhabi. They cost 1AED (0.27 USD) per trip. Taking a bus to the neighboring city, Dubai per trip costs 15 AED (4.09 USD) or 20 AED (5.46) if you are take a luxury bus. Taxis are the most popular modes of transportation in Abu Dhabi. The least expensive fares range from 2 AED (0.55 USD) to 5 AED (1.36 USD) per trip. Newer taxis cost range from 3 AED (0.82 USD) to 10 AED (2.73 USD) per trip.
An exciting way to cool off in Abu Dhabi during the summer (June-September) is to head to Ferrari World and ride Formula Rossa, the world’s fastest rollercoaster, since temperatures can soar as high as 100°F. Just in time for the Al Ain Aerobatic show, in late November to early December, the winter (November-April) temperatures are generally cool averaging to as low as 50°F to as high as 75°F.
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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Looking Forward to Seabourn’s New Seabourn Encore

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I’ve had a chance to sail on Seabourn for the first time aboard the beautiful Seabourn Quest, I am especially excited for the new Seabourn Encore coming out at the end of this year. The Quest was the last to launch for the luxury line in 2011, and the Encore follows behind as a slightly larger version with a few modifications to look forward to.
Besides a capacity increase from 450 to 604 guests, the biggest difference is an additional deck of suites and public venues. From the outside, that architecturally translates to a slightly taller ship. The bow will be raised up one level, and the bridge appears to be situated farther forward for a better vantage point. This does interrupt the swooping lines of the forecastle just a bit, but for the sake of safe navigation, one can hardly complain.
Otherwise, the exterior will remain very familiar to loyalists with only the addition of one lifeboat on other side of the length also being tacked on from the looks of the renderings. Also outside, the upper deck has been greatly expanded for The Retreat, an exclusive enclave of 15 private shaded cabanas and central elevated whirlpool that will be tended to by concierge as well as food and beverage services. And, of course, Seabourn’s signature aft marina water sports platform will come along for the ride again.
As for suites, the layouts look mostly unchanged although they will be arranged throughout the Encore a little bit differently than on the Quest. The Restaurant remains on deck four, but no passenger suites will be positioned in front of it this time. The suites begin on deck five now, where The Club, casino and what looks to be a larger pool over the stern still reside. Meeting rooms have also moved from this deck to seven across from the shops. The forward elevators have also switched sides, from starboard to port.
Deck six will still feature the Grand Salon show lounge, which I have been told will exhibit an upgraded audio and visual package including an LED wall backdrop. Deck seven will now be the location of the bow deck and its whirlpool, and the Seabourn Square and Coffee Bar will be reprised in a slightly modified configuration. In fact, Adam D. Tihany, who was responsible for the interior design of The Grill by Thomas Keller, rolling out to the existing fleet, is the creative in charge for all of Seabourn Encore.
Meanwhile, the card room from deck seven is moving up to deck eight, the added floor since Quest, and here The Grill by Thomas Keller will be expanded in size and more than doubled in capacity. Also, across the way will be an entirely new small dining venue for sushi. The pool deck has now shifted to nine, where the Patio Bar and The Patio grill have been offset from each other and the shade structure has become more sculptural. Now only The Colonnade buffet sits in the back and has wisely grown its interior seating all the way out to the edge of the ship.
Lastly, deck ten showcases a revised spa and salon facility layout that now has entirely foregone the lackluster Kneipp Walk Pool. And then on deck eleven, the Observation Bar appears to have elongated a bit with more interior as well as new exterior seating out over the pushed out navigation bridge. Suffice it to say, the Seabourn Encore will be a familiar ship with just enough changes to keep it excitingCheck here for great deal on Caribbean Vacation Packages

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Tips and Advice for Retail Therapy

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In Marrakesh, souks practically run the city… at least where tourists are concerned. After all, a shopping excursion within Old Medina’s tangle of light-dappled, souk-lined alleyways is essential when visiting the visually eloquent city. Give in to the relentless beckoning of persistent vendors, brave your way through the narrow yet bustling lanes of the central souks, and get your haggling on. Treasures begging to be taken home await.

Tall piles of usually handmade rugs, woven by local Moroccan tribes, fill up all four corners of carpet souks in Marrakesh so that they look more like tiny, makeshift warehouses than actual shops. And these rugs come in beautifully vibrant or lovely neutral colors, different textures, several types and many sizes so you can pick and choose depending on your style and taste. There are 45 tribes in all, and every single one brings its own unique style and design to the rugs they weave. Each Morrocan rug, therefore, is usually, wonderfully one of a kind, which makes them worth a proper haggling and a cozy addition to your home.

Walking into the central souks, some of the first things you’ll notice—aside from the assertive peddling of vendors and the quite aggressive vrooms of small motorcycles weaving through the alleys—are the exotic scents of spices in the air. Lines of souks carrying artisanal goods are dotted with stalls selling piles of spices in rich, earthy colors.
Morocco produces some of the best and most flavorful spices in the world: turmeric, cumin, curry, saffron, and even special blends.
These, along with argan and jasmine oils, dates and olives, and crystallized menthol, are definitely must buys when visiting the city. Plus, they’re super easy to transport and they make for excellent gifts for friends and family back home.

There’s nothing like walking into a souk softly lit by Moroccan lanterns from top to bottom. It’s a familiar and wistful image for those who have visited and fallen in love with Marrakesh. Like Moroccan rugs, Moroccan lanterns are some of the trendiest home accents at the moment, which makes their purchase hard to pass up.
They also come in many shapes and sizes, and are made from different materials, some tougher than others. You can still get that Moorish feel in your home with the aluminum-made ones if you’re on the budget; but those made of sturdier metals like brass or copper are far superior if you can shell out the cash.

Poufs are favored home accessories these days not only because they give a touch of bohemian flair to the overall look of your home, they’re also very utilitarian. You can use these as seating or as substitute tabletops. Like with many products that come out of Morocco, poufs come in either light, neutral colors or in bright ones (shades of reds, blues, yellows). What’s so great about purchasing these in Morocco is that you can usually haggle them down to about 10 percent of how much they would normally cost if you bought them in the US. And since souks sell them unstuffed, you can easily pack them up in your luggage without hassle.

Clothing and Accessories
From the traditional dresses, djellabas, and more modern, fashionable pieces of clothing to gorgeous accessories such as bright, woven hats, fezes,babouches or leather slippers, leather bags, and sandals, Morocco is a fashion paradise. Moroccan clothing and accessories are typically very comfortable, modest and perfect for warm weather, and Marrakesh’s alleyways are simply teeming with souks that sell them. They make for great souvenirs to remember your trip by or as fantastic gifts for friends and family back home. They are, however, especially useful if you’re planning on staying in the country for a longer period of time.

Fake it ‘til you make it. If it’s your first time visiting Marrakesh, you might feel a tad overwhelmed. That’s ok, normal even. From locals trying to make a quick buck off you to the zigzagging lanes of Old Medina, it takes some people—even experienced travelers—at least a day to get used to the city and get over the culture shock.
Just know that if you look hesitant or even lost, some people will most likely try to take advantage of you. Your best bet is to act like you know what you’re doing, pretend like you’ve done it all before and fake confidence. Before you know it, you’ll be navigating those streets like a pro.

Be guardedSince Marrakesh is a popular tourist spot, its streets are safe enough for a single woman to explore by herself. But remember that Morocco is still a developing country so you might encounter locals trying to sell you goods that are way overpriced or take you to a “recommended” souk or cooperative for a commission. You may even encounter the occasional pickpocket. Keep your cash secure when you’re walking around, know how much things would generally cost (cab rides, for example), and use your best judgment when purchasing products from souks.

Haggle. Haggle. Haggle. Haggling is a way of retail life in Morocco. No one is expected to pay the initial price of an item, even if it seems like a good price especially when converted into dollars. Vendors can usually afford to sell their products for a fraction of their given or listed price; so do not hesitate to haggle. Start at a third of the original price and slowly work you way up. And when you get the price you’re willing to pay for, remember to shake on it.

Don’t be afraid to walk away. If you cannot agree on a price you’re satisfied with, feel free to walk away. Chances are you’ll either find someone who can give you an offer you’ll be happy with or that vendor will concede. Similarly, don’t let a persistent vendor pressure you into buying something or feel guilty about saying no and walking away—just because they’re good at their job, it doesn’t mean you should purchase something you don’t want or need. Smiling while saying “no, thank you” usually makes your refusal look and feel more gracious.

Learn to wander. The meandering alleyways of Old Medina are tricky enough to navigate on your first visit. The fact that smartphone map apps can’t seem to work properly there makes it even trickier. Don’t worry; it’s a pretty small area so even if you get lost, you will find your way back eventually as long as you remember the roads that run from north to south. Besides, getting lost in Old Medina is a fantastic way to discover offbeat spots, meet colorful characters and even score great bargains.

Come early. A few hours before noon is usually the best time to shop, especially if you hate crowds and love a bargain. It’s not only cooler in the mornings and there’s considerably less foot and motorcycle traffic, vendors seem more pleasant and more likely to part with their wares at cheaper prices. Some of them might even be willing to sell you products at lower than the price you originally agreed on just because they don’t have enough change on hand.

Bring plenty of cash. Most souks are cash only so if you plan on doing some retail therapy, make sure to bring plenty of cash. There are a number of ATM or cash machines in and around Old Medina, and many tourists use them for cash withdrawals. However, one can’t be entirely sure as to how secure those are. It might be best to actually have enough cash, preferably in Moroccan Dirham in different denominations, already on hand before you go. This also gives you the advantage of not going over your budget. Read more... OOHOTELS Booking – …Guarantee Travelers Best Prices: ...Guarantee Travelers Best Prices

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The 8 Best Apps For Your Next RV Road Trip

Roadtrippers – FREE - 4/5 stars (Based on 893 Apple App Store Reviews)

You will love this app! It is a simple, easy to use tool that allows you to plan your entire route, including meal stops, bathroom breaks, and where you will re-fuel along the way. Search from thousands of locations along your route, complete with honest reviews and photos from people just like you.

Google Maps – FREE - 4/5 stars (Based on 584 Apple App Store Reviews)

Stay on track and up to date with live traffic conditions along your route with the Google Maps app! Automatic rerouting and voice-guided navigation will keep you on schedule no matter where your travels take you.

GasBuddy – FREE - 4/5 stars (Based on 304 Apple App Store Reviews)

Search the cheapest gas prices along your route with the easy to use GasBuddy app. With over 50 million users reporting gas prices around the country, you're sure to save money and time on your next road trip.

Camp & RV - $9.99 - 5/5 stars (Based on 112 Apple App Store Reviews)

The Camp & RV app has a great comprehensive listing of over 30,000 campgrounds around the United States. There is no longer a need to carry around a book directory; simply plug in your route and search for the best place to stay based on up-to-date reviews, pricing and photos. You even have the option to book your stay with over 4,000 campgrounds right from the app!

RV Parky – FREE - 5/5 stars (Based on 47 Apple App Store Reviews)

If a free campground directory is more your speed, then the RV Parky app is perfect for you! The app, built by a full-time RVer, is filled with what you need most while out on the road. Search over 25,000 listings and reviews of campgrounds and camping destinations around the country.

Roadside America - $2.99+* - 4/5 stars (Based on 131 Apple App Store Reviews)

Do you ever find yourself looking for something more than a rest stop or gas station to stretch your legs while on the road? Look no further, the Roadside America app allows you to search out popular roadside attractions along your route! World's Largest Ball of Twine, here we come!

*Disclaimer: For $2.99 you will receive (1) region of the United States filled with attractions. However if you'd like to upgrade to the full United States, the cost will be $5.99.

PackPoint Packing List Travel Companion – FREE* - 4/5 stars (Based on 110 Apple App Store Reviews)

For those Type-A RVers out there, this app may be your dream come true! Taking into consideration your destination's weather, duration of your travel, and any activities you may have planned, the PackPoint app will put together the basics of what you may need with you in your rig.

*Disclaimer: There is a free version available for download, along with an extended version that costs $2.99.

States and Plates – FREE - 4/5 stars (Based on 38 Apple App Store Reviews)

Entertainment while on the road is key, and the States and Plates app will keep drivers and passengers alike engaged during the trip! Pass time and have some fun while searching out the different state plates as you make your way along your route. Lear more here

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We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men and women are created equal.

Today is Women’s Equality Day, a day of celebrating such incredible leaders who fought long and hard for our civil and human rights. There are various parks and museums around the country where you can learn more about such women as Alva Belmont, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and others who have positively contributed to our mark on history, politics and the arts.
Women’s Rights National Historical Park
While you’re in Seneca, don’t miss this hall of fame, where you can learn about more women who have made a difference, including Bella Abzug, Louisa May Alcott, Madeline Albright, Lucille Ball, Maya Angelou and more. Created in 1969, The National Women’s Hall of Fame is the nation’s oldest membership organization dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the achievements of great American women including those in the arts, sports, business, education, government, humanities, philanthropy and science...Read more