Friday, December 9, 2016

Travel Smarter And Save Big On New Year's Eve Hotels

If you don’t mind traveling a little for the big night, you can save a healthy sum of money by staying in alternative locations for New Year’s Eve.

That Manhattan bash you’re planning to ring in 2017 will cost you dearly in the bank account department, but it doesn’t exactly have to be that way — according to findings from Hipmunk’s Kelly Soderlund who spotted cheap alternative cities to stay this New Year’s Eve.

The concept is simple, consider digs about 30 minutes away from the center of the party and you can save a great deal, which will just go into creating a fiscally fantastic 2017.

Soderlund explains: “For instance, the median price of a Las Vegas hotel is $205, but stay close by in North Las Vegas and you can stash $100 to spend later at the blackjack table. Similarly, the median price for a New Year’s stay in Miami will set revelers back $312; Miami Springs, about a 20-minute drive from Miami proper, is $175 less pricey.”

The article is filled with examples of hot destinations that already warrant your consideration for New Year’s Eve revelry, such as Manhattan, Chicago, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

Recently, we discovered the many cities that offer a great celebration broken down into a nice little ranking thanks to WalletHub. In this case, we get some idea of how to enjoy those iconic party cities without dropping the year’s supply of disposable income.

Hipmunk looked back to last year for its prices, but it gives a semblance of how you might game the system and enjoy the greatest night of the year on relative savings.

For example, you might drop up to $714 if you want the warmth of a Santa Monica night, but take an Uber and stay in West Hollywood instead. You can enjoy a savings of about 62 percent on the hotel.

The rest of the country boasts similar deals. Forego Atlantic City for Ocean City, and you save 72 percent – representing the greatest savings along with those who choose Winter Park, Colorado, for Breckenridge.

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